New Year ! New Start !

MCAT exam is coming up soon.. aiming for 528. Also, we are entering another semester working towards ChemE and Chemistry degree. I am looking forward to much more community outreach involvement.  I expect a great turnout with this website this year. Better content! Closer looks into my day to day activity, the “Last 32” series, and other classical hits.


Next Level: Evolution to Greatness

I know you are probably wondering what is my next move after obtaining my bachelor degrees(Chemical Engineering and Chemistry) with minor in Physics. Industry (Private or Public, Fortune 500 company, nonprofit), Graduate School, or Professional School(med, dental, pharmacy, law) or Entertainment Industry(lol).


My mood about it is…. Actions speaks louder than words.


My final decision will be announced in June 2019.

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Videos, photos, and more art coming soon.

(Note: decision has been made; but may be subject to change, and will be announced at specified date)

Give someone a compliment

Be nice, be kind, share a laugh, and share a smile.


Anybody can be mean but it takes strength to be kind.

I’m learning to be gentle.

But I have always be kind.


I speak in a kind tone.

I use body language to demonstrate kindness.

Love is kind.

Be kind to one another. We all are going through an indescribable experience in this galactic travel. I forgive all those who come against me to hurt me, persecute me, harm me, and deny me. Love wins. Give someone a compliment today. Let’s start a kind wave, kind trend, kind discipline.

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Photo above is not mine.


Dear, Mother Tuskegee

Dear, Mother Tuskegee

As I enter the third year, at the illustrious Tuskegee University, I would like to thank the formers, and their associates for the Tuskegee Legacy, and present administrators. I am blessed to be apart of this long history that includes builders, heroes, leaders, game-changers, innovators and so forth. I am proud to be a Tuskegee University student and to be apart of the Tuskegee University community. Again, thank you for those Tuskegee women. My heart melted upon arrival on this campus. I have yet to fonder such eye holding gaze until arrival on this campus. Mother Tuskegee have bequeathed me with a wonderful inheritance of prestige, tranquil, and community. I honor and appreciate you forever more.


Jesus Christ’s bondservant, Sam Merlus


EPIC Journey!

If you’ve been tuned into my journey as I shared some highlights on this path to greatness. Things are getting excited! I am currently in transition phase. I’ve been anticipating this moment for a very long time. I have been eager to see things unravel. More importantly, I am thankful for the growth and development; I am really enjoying the process.

First and foremost, I would like to thank my Lord, Jesus Christ. All the glory belong to you! It is your strength, knowledge, and wisdom being displaying in my life. All my works be glory unto your precious and mighty name!

Thank you for your assistance Tuskegee University, Caltech, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Michigan-Ann Harbor, Rice University, University of Minnesota, Miami Dade College, & Santa Barbara City College.


-Put God first

-Eat healthy

-Exercise and sleep well

Stay tuned! More coming soon!


Future of MED: 3D printing living organs

I really like the idea of 3D printing living organs however we still have organ rejection to deal with. If we can resolve the issue with CD47-signal regulatory protein alpha (SIRPa)
interaction, maybe this idea of 3D printing living organs will work. Anyways check the video out! Credits to Cornell University for their cutting edge research in biomedical engineering.


Intersections on a long road.

When do I know what is right for Me?

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photo above taken in Miami, FL,  2008






What you decide will dictate how you spend the rest of your life?


the family man 2

In the film “The Family Man”, Nicolas Cage stars as Jack Campbell where he for a split moment lived a life based on a decision that dictated what was right for him many years before?

This movie is the epitome of how the future can be altered based on one decision that can either enable ultimate happiness, satisfaction, and comfort or the complete opposite (emptiness, void, and lonely).

The next 6 months of my life will be game-changing. My desire is to attain heart-warming humility, admiration for others,  self-love, self-acceptance, and intense gratification for all things. Previously, I spoke about desiring to be the greatest engineer of all time, but I know think it’s deeper than that. God(Jesus Christ) is take me higher than I expected and could have possibly imagined. I do not look for glory, worship, or any special treatment. I yearn to be the best person, man, being, and student I can ever possibly be. Life is filled with surprises. Life has it’s up and downs. Life throws you curves. More importantly, life is beautiful. I am thankful for this intersection of my life where I need to decide what is right for me?


Sam Merlus speaks to distinguished inventor Lonnie Johnson

Tuskegee University Alumnus, mechanical engineer, Lonnie George Johnson is an American inventor  who holds more than 80 patents. Johnson famously known for his invention of “Super Soaker” toy gun. On Feb 23, I had a brief conversation (questions w/answers) with Lonnie Johnson during Lyceum Series at Tuskegee University

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